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December 18, 2016

Cebu City


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It is not going to be an assembly or convention as announced earlier. The occasion will be the launching of the PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE FOR FEDERALISM in Cebu. Participants from other regions will convene in Cebu to start the nationwide activity of promoting awareness about FEDERALISM and prepare the people to vote on their preference in the manner of pursuing a change in the government structure to FEDERALISM.

Ok guys this is the mechanics of PIF. President Duterte has officially moved the barangay elections to October 2017.This gives us a window of about one year to inform all Filipinos here and abroad about PIF.A questionaire will be included in the barangay elections asking the Filipino people if they are in favor of Federalism?two choices Yes or No.If yes How?there are 3 choices Con-con,Con-Ass and People's Initiative. Our task if you choose to volunteer in the PIF Movement is to inform all Filipinos here and abroad, especially the 16 million who voted for Duterte and the rest of the 91 percent converts to Digong, to join, register and share in this Official PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE FOR FEDERALISM PAGE to all of them.As SOCIAL MEDIA WARRIORS this will be our prime objective ! The Constitution requires 3 percent signatures from each congressional district throughout the country that is aunthenticated and verified by the barangay chairman and Comelec. We do not have the machinery, money and resourcesto do it, so our President and his brother came up with this alternative solution. We hope to petition the Supreme Court/Comelec to approve lawful and binding whatever the result of this mini-referendum come October barangay elections.If the People's Initiative will succeed then it is indeed the Crowning Victory of the PEOPLE. Now let us all go to WORK!!!

Celestino Espinosa The 1987 Constitution (Article XVII) provides for three modes of changing the Constitution:

1. Congress upon three-fourths vote of all its Members (Congress acting as a Constituent Assembly, fondly called “Con-Ass”).

2. A constitutional convention (fondly called “ConCon”).
3. People’s initiative.

In 1989, Congress passed Republic Act No. 6735 (also known as the “People’s Initiative and Referendum Act”), which is intended to cover initiative to propose amendments to the Constitution. However, the Supreme Court declared that this law is “incomplete, inadequate, or wanting in essential terms and conditions insofar as initiative on amendments to the Constitution is concerned.” In other words, there is yet no law which effectively provides for the exercise of people’s initiative to amend the Constitution.

So PIF is illegal because there is no way for people's initiative to amend the constitution much more changing the form of government from Unitary to Federalism. So stop this madness.
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Peoples Initiative for Federalism Ten (10) Members of the Court reiterate their position, as shown by their various opinions already given when the Decision herein was promulgated, that Republic Act No. 6735 is sufficient and adequate to amend the Constitution thru a people’s initiative.
Dean Jorge Bocobo has an interesting observation on the Supreme Court's Resolution denying the…
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The Overall Chairman of the PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE FOR FEDERALISM, Emmanuel "Don" Duterte, has appointed Alex Bolongaita and Julito Roco to plan, organize and execute activities for the National Convention.



"The Power of the Government Emanates from the People ". It Should Be " A Government of the People , For the People and By the People ". This ideal can come true during Digongs administration..This Is That Time ! come , join us and play a part in probably one of the most Historic Movement in our time " People's Initiative for Federalism " !!!

People's Initiative for Federalism This what is inscribed at the Cebu Provincial Capitol building...
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People's Initiative for Federalism To give meaning to this invocation, we intend to empower the citizenry by encouraging everyone to join and volunteer to strengthen the PEOPLE'S INITIATIVE FOR FEDERALISM 
In order to be able to anticipate attendance during the forthcoming PIF National C
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Priscilla Alcantar Daclag Good form of government.equality in all incomes in the country. Equal sharing ..Luzon..Visayas..Mindanao. dapat doing so, peace and progress will be achieve. All citizens will be happy and contented.may it be O Lord..we pray.
Neciforo Malto Abelidas lets federalism ang pilipinas
Vivien Gulbe Who to contact here n Manila?
People's Initiative for Federalism you can initiate your own chapter in manila thats the beauty of people's initiative
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People's Initiative for Federalism just keep posted sa pif page for more information
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Pundato Sharief Suggestion: The government shall be governed by God for the people and for the people shall submit themselves to God, inorder that they may stand forth in justice based on the Book and the Balance He revealed to Mankind through His Last Prophet and Messenger Mohammad. That is the Real Democracy.
Pundato Sharief For the Preamble: It is respectfully suggested: O' God Our Lord! You are One, You are absolute, You begets not or is Ye being begotten. No one of Your Creatures is comparable unto You. All Praises belongs only to You, You are the Lord and Ruler of Your...See More
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Carlo Antonio Ates Sovereignty resides in the people


In order to be able to anticipate attendance during the forthcoming PIF National Convention in December, we would like to invite Facebook Admins to volunteer and open Facebook pages for each of the Provincial Chapters wishing to send participants to the National gathering.

There is a form at

 where you have to register when you volunteer for this task. You will need to submit your Voter's ID for proper identification and verification later.

Please follow this nomenclature when giving a title to your page: #PIF - [Province Name] Chapter for uniformity.

Kindly take note that Chapter Chairmen for the Provinces shall be appointed by the PIF Overall Chairman - Don Duterte, the President's brother and may not necessarily be the Admin that has volunteered to open the Facebook page for the Chapter.

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